Businesses need a periodic infusion of funds to keep their operations running without a hitch. From purchasing new machinery to upscale output to procuring skilled manpower, every business requires immediate funding to keep its activities and revenues on course of growth. There may be times when a company may not have enough cash reserves at hand, or may lack adequate securities that may be instantly liquidated. In such cases, a term loan is a useful instrument.

​Is Term Loan for you?

Once you evaluate your business's fiscal position vis-à-vis current and future financial goals, you may decide to take a loan for a short term or a long term. Though these loans are normally given for relatively small periods of time, some loan tenures may even exceed up to 15 years. Your company benefits from the immediate infusion of cash that will help you run operations from month to month. Term finance is an excellent fiscal instrument that can be availed by companies that are likely to get new business that generates sound profit. You can repay the loan from the profits earned in a quicker space of time – all of this is done without the slightest delay in operational productivity.

Why Term Loan from Aditya Birla Finance?

We offer a financial solution to suit your immediate business needs. Our corporate term loans are business loans that may be borrowed for a variety of financial requirements, and which are disbursed quickly at a competent rate of interest. The business term loan can help companies expand operations, acquire equipment and manpower, upgrade existing processes, etc. – all of these ultimately impact and augment the business's output.

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